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Quiz 12 answer I
Qiz 13
Why did God Not just make us perfect?
Then he would be happy and we would be happy.

When we read the first two chapters of the Bible, we discover that God did make men perfect. Adam and Eve turned out exactly the way God wanted them to be, and God was pleased with how he had made them (Genesis 1: 27 - 31). That was before Adam disobeyed God and caused sin to come into the world.
But perhaps you are waiting to know why God didn't make us perfect like the angels in heaven.
God wanted to make us different from angels to make us in His Image (like himself). So God made us creative and gave us the freedom to choose.
Sadly, Adam used his freedom to sin and separated himself from God. But because God loved us so much, he already had a plan to save us and make us perfect again. He would send Jesus who died for us so we could be made new on the inside.
Quiz 13
Jesus will make our hearts new.
Which part of us must we work on?
Romans 12:2
E. ○ our mind
S ○ our body
A ○ our soul


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